April 23-29, 2018   

KDVS Fundraiser

Goal: $50,000    Current: $43,219

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Despues del After Sticker 1

3" x 3.75"



KDVS Sports: The Aggie Pack!

Includes 1 "I LIke the Aggies" Rally Towel and 1 "UC Davis Athletics" Koozieâ„¢



KDVS mahou shoujo bumper sticker

A limited edition bumper sticker to show your support for "mahou shoujo" on Tuesdays, 9~10pm! Designed by Dr. Kelp's ex-DJ wife Thymine and printed with red ink on *~glitter vinyl~*

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KDVS Sports: UC Davis Aggies Blue Snapback Hat

A premium snapback hat just for you! Screenprinted with "UC Davis Aggies", this aggie blue snapback hat is perfect for the heat and perfect for showing off your Aggie pride!



Host Your Own Show On KDVS!

Host your own hour of programming on KDVS! A volunteer DJ will help engineer everything, so all you have to do is show up! Any kind of programming is allowed, as long as it follows FCC regulations. You can contact fundraising@kdvs.org for more information.

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KDViationS Spring Fundraiser Edition Mini-Zine

A 2018 Spring Fundraiser special edition of our zine, KDViationS, in mini-zine form! 8.5" by 5.5", each lovingly hand-bound by our own volunteers, featuring approximately 15 pages of poetry, artwork, playlists, interviews, and more by KDVS volunteers, DJs, hosts, and reporters!

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KDVS Metal Lanyard

You're V.I.P. with one of these! If you like to keep your keys on a lanyard, or you need something stylish to put your backstage pass on then this is the premium for YOU! It's a KDVS Metal Lanyard, and it comes to you courtesy of the Heavy Metal Department! The barbed-wire design lets the bouncers know, "Don't mess with me, I'm V.I.P." while it also lets the roadies know who you are, and what you stand for. It screams KDVS Metal, and as you know, screaming is what us metalheads do best! Limited run on these bad mama-jammers, so get one before the tour bus leaves the venue!

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KDVS Punk 45 Record Adapters 2-Pack

Plug your record holes with these amazing KDVS Punk 45 Record Adapters. You get a black one and a red one! These are super limited so don't wait around for these to disappear! Donate right away and secure your set of these fantastic looking KDVS Punk 45 Record Adapters! Don't miss out on these!

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ORMF 2018 Party Pack

Want to be prepared for Operation Restore Maximum Freedom (ORMF), then KDVS has you covered. Only during fundraiser week, we will be offering a pair of KDVS sunglasses, earplugs, and one limited edition ORMF ticket in return for a $32 donation. On the day of ORMF please bring your email confirmation as proof and you will receive your goodie bag with sunglasses, earplugs, and a commemorative ticket stub. Ticket stubs are only being printed for this KDVS special fundraiser release. Tickets are non-refundable. https://www.facebook.com/events/1237897846340921/

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Rooted. Sticker!

ayooooo, get this premium for my show rooted. on every wednesday from 10:30am-12pm! it's a cute lil 2.25x2.25 sticker for all the rooted. fans out there designed by the amazing yeon kim limited amount get em while they last! i appreciate u all!! *besos* Sam

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ORMF 2018 General Admission

One ORMF ticket gets you in to the venue the day of the event May 26th. If you buy your ticket presale please bring your proof of purchase (tax receipt email) to the ticket area on the day of ORMF, where you will receive your wrist band. All purchases are non-refundable. Credit cards can not be used at the door only for online purchases. Featuring: Together Pangea, Jerry Paper, Cigarette Bums, Eurostache, Supernaut, Without Hope, Worn Tin, Buddha Trixie, Amenthes, KaiLord, Verst, Munechild, Clevers, Knobby, Gromit https://www.facebook.com/events/1237897846340921/

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