February 20-19, 2015   

KDVS Fundraiser

Goal: $1,000    Current: $0

How can KDVS thank you for your donation? Check out our premiums.

KDVS Turntablehead

A perennial classic! Available in both unisex and women's cuts, in white ink on a black, blue, or red shirt. Some shirts also available in yellow, green, purple, and white.

Black | Blue | Green | Purple | Red | White | Yellow

Women's L | S | Women's M | L | M | XXL | XL


Mystery Shirt!

Enter your size and get a shirt with a random KDVS Fundraiser design from years past!


M | XL | S | L


KDVS 2014 Shot Glass

KDVS shot glasses with the design for 2014! Imbibe your favorite beverage while showing everyone at the party just how swag you are~



KDVS Tote Bag

Tote your records (or your groceries, or what have you) in style with this KDVS tote bag!



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