April 21-27, 2014

KDVS Fundraiser

Goal: $50,000    Current: $3,158

How can KDVS thank you for your donation? Check out our premiums.

KDVS Turntablehead

A perennial classic! Available in both unisex and women's cuts, in white ink on a black, blue, or red shirt.

Black | Blue | Red

L | XXL | XL | Women's L | S | Women's M | Women's S | M | Women's XL



Here's your change to get a classic and unique T-shirt. KDVS has obtained the exclusive rights to use the iconic KZAP "Tubby" Cat as a premium for the 50th Anniversary Fundraiser. "Tubby", a Cheshire cat that belonged to KZAP DJ Gordo Styler, was transformed into the KZAP logo by acclaimed psychedelic poster artist Bill Styler (yes, Gordo's brother). KZAP was one of a handful of legendary "Free Form" Commercial FM stations that broke new ground in radio in the late 1960's. KZAP and other "Free Form" commercial stations drew from many college stations, including KDVS and KERS, for their DJ and News talent. Gordo was actually a former KDVS GM. In appreciation of the links between those early days of college and commercial Free Form radio, KDVS hosted many ex-KZAP DJ's in a two day marathon of musical weirdness in 2012.


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Host Your Own Show

Host your own hour of programming on KDVS! A volunteer DJ will help engineer everything, so all you have to do is show up! Any kind of programming is allowed, as long as it follows FCC regulations. You can contact programming@kdvs.org for more information.

DJ Services


Rent the KDVS Mobile DJ Unit

Our Mobile DJ Unit is everything you need for Davis and Sacramento area events that need sound reinforcement, whether you are hosting a band, a DJ, or trying to impress your dreamdate: -2 PA speakers -3 SM 58 microphones -1 stereo PA amplifier -1 DJ mixer -1 Live/Recording mixer -2 Stanton turntables -all necessary cables -and of course, a KDVS DJ!

DJ Services


Pair of Raiders tickets (vs. Seahawks)

How would you like to see the Raiders play last year’s Super Bowl champions from the BLACK HOLE? Every year DJ Paul Wilbur (aka The Pirate) gives up his preseason tickets to a wonderful donor to see the Oakland Raiders play from his seats in the Black Hole at the Oakland Coliseum. This year is no exception! The 2nd home preseason game the Raiders will be taking on last year’s Super Bowl winners, the Seattle Seahawks! The game will take place on Thursday, August 28th @ 7pm. The donor who takes this premium will get 2 tickets to the game, and the photo was taken from the seats you'll be getting! Pretty amazing view, don’t you think? Imagine yelling at Richard Sherman and him being able to hear every word! Your donation is actually LESS than the face value of the tickets, so not only are you donating to a great cause, but you’re getting a great value.



KDVS 2014 Shot Glass

KDVS shot glasses are back with a brand new design for 2014! Imbibe your favorite beverage while showing everyone at the party just how swag you are~



KDVS Tote Bag

Tote your records (or your groceries, or what have you) in style with this KDVS tote bag!



KDVS Outdoor Festival Pack

Going to one of those crazy outdoor music festivals? Let KDVS give you all the survival essentials, including: -3 KDVS stickers to plaster on stuff -2 KDVS buttons to decorate your wide-brimmed hat (sun protection is important!) -1 sweet pair of KDVS sunglasses -1 handy KDVS bike light -1 KDVS bottle opener -and some ear plugs!



Pair of Raiders tickets (vs. Seahawks)

How would you like to enjoy the Raiders taking on the Super Bowl champs in Section 201 with club access? Yeah, we thought that would get your attention! If you choose this premium you will be getting the seats of UC Davis alumni Panos Pappas! Panos wanted to show his support of metal on KDVS, and he graciously will hand off his tickets to a person willing to pledge $200 to KDVS! The seat value is $250 for the pair, but he will give them to you for a $200 donation! Can’t beat that! The seats are in Section 201, row 6, seats 1-2. The game will be on Thursday, August 28th @ 7pm! You want to go? This is the premium for you! Panos, & the Oakland Raiders, thank you for supporting KDVS!



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