April 24-30, 2017    (530) 754-KDVS

KDVS Fundraiser

Goal: $55,000    Current: $39,909

How can KDVS thank you for your donation? Check out our premiums.

KDVS Shot Glass 2-pac

The leftovers of the leftovers! Grab a couple of our KDVS shot glasses, as we clear out the rest of our inventory to make way for new KDVS merch!

KDVS Merch


KDVS Tote Bag - Fall 2015

Our tote bag from fall 2015! It features a stylish design by long-standing KDVS member Heather Klinger on black fabric.

KDVS Merch


KDVS Dog-Friendly "Flying Disc"

Toss around a KDVS flying disc with your friends, or man's best friend? Or both? We just want you to have fun.

KDVS Merch


Host Your Own Show On KDVS!

Host your own hour of programming on KDVS! A volunteer DJ will help engineer everything, so all you have to do is show up! Any kind of programming is allowed, as long as it follows FCC regulations. You can contact fundraising@kdvs.org for more information.

DJ Services | Misc


KDVS Bumper Sticker

Rep KDVS on the back of your ride! Measures 3"x11.5" for maximum visibility~

KDVS Merch


12" Laser Disc Wall Clock

12" highly reflective laser disc that has been modified into a battery operated wall clock, uses one AA battery (included), mounts onto wall via one nail or screw. (Movie titles and colors will vary.) Made by TJ of the Sub Zero show.



KDVS Bandana

A brand new way to show your support of KDVS! Versatile and practical, and emblazoned with Mr. Turntablehead. What more could you ask for?

KDVS Merch


Summer Mega Pack

Get ready for summer with a mega pack of assorted KDVS merchandise! This premium package includes: -one each of our KDVS tote bags -a pair of sunglasses -a dog-friendly flying disc -a bottle opener -a large button featuring the Stegosaurus shirt design -two small buttons and stickers and a ~mystery item~! What great value for supporting KDVS!

KDVS Merch


Spring Fun Pack

Sport your support of KDVS with a couple of stickers and buttons, as well as a keychain bottle opener and a special large button featuring our Stegosaurus design! Great for your backpack or denim jacket!

KDVS Merch


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