October 10-16, 2016   

KDVS Fundraiser

Goal: $35,000    Current: $23,964

How can KDVS thank you for your donation? Check out our premiums.

Mystery Shirt

What design from fundraisers past will you receive? It's a mystery! Not the size tho, you can pick that. CAUTION: The women's sizes for grab bag shirts run a full size small!


Youth M | XL | Women's M | Youth S | L | M | Women's S | S


Mr. Oscilloscope (Gerbil)

A vintage design from years back that we reprinted for Spring 2016! These are our leftovers, so once they're gone they're gone! Selected youth, women's, and unisex sizes printed in black ink on muted hipster hues~

Blue | Brown | Green | Purple

Women's M | L | Women's L | M | XXL | XL


Humans, not Robots

The leftover shirts from our winning t-shirt design from Spring 2016, printed on light grey in men's and women's sizes.


XL | Women's M | L | M | Women's S | Women's XXL | S | Women's XL | XXL


KDVS Embroidered Patch

Do you like frogs? Well, we have good news. This 3.75" by 4.5" embroidered patch is perfect for your acid-wash jean jacket, hipster backpack (you know the one), or your favorite butt flap.

KDVS Merch


KDVS Bumper Sticker

Rep KDVS on the back of your ride! Measures 3"x11.5" for maximum visibility~

KDVS Merch


KDVS Tote Bag - Fall 2015

Our tote bag from fall 2015! It features a stylish design by long-standing KDVS member Heather Klinger on black fabric.

KDVS Merch


KDVS Tote Bag - Spring 2015

Tote your records (or your groceries, or what have you) in style with this KDVS canvas tote bag from our Spring 2015 fundraiser!

KDVS Merch


Host Your Own Show on KDVS!

Host your own hour of programming on KDVS! A volunteer DJ will help engineer everything, so all you have to do is show up! Any kind of programming is allowed, as long as it follows FCC regulations. You can contact fundraising@kdvs.org for more information.

DJ Services | Misc


KDVS Shot Glass 2-pac

This may be your last chance to grab a couple of our KDVS shot glasses, as we clear out the rest of our inventory to make way for new KDVS merch!

KDVS Merch


Campaign Button 4 Pack

We know you love KDVS, but shouldn't everyone else? Advertise your appreciation and support of KDVS with these sharp-looking badges! Great for jackets, backpacks, retro jackets, and retro backpacks! Featuring four different designs, these badges imagine a fanciful world in which you elect radio stations. "Vote KDVS, and we will continue to maintain the adventurous spirit that makes independent radio great." -KDVS, in a hypothetical radio station election speech.

KDVS Merch


Swag Pack

Not sure what premium to get? Why not rep your mad swag with a rad swag pack? Includes one randomly selected campaign button, bottle opener, two random small buttons, two random stickers, and a patch! With this fun assortment of KDVS items you can round out your independent radio look, or just open bottles.

KDVS Merch


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